Luxury Closet


Open Care's vaults are the ideal location for the protection of high fashion clothes and accessories or of precious items from the main risks to which they are subject at home: theft, fire, flooding, insect (moth) infestation.

The private rooms, for exclusive and personal use, inside our high security vaults have various sizes and can be personalized in order to satisfy every specific requirement in terms of set up and access services.

The service corresponds to the needs of fashion archives, fashion sector museum and company foundations of textiles or historic costumes, but also for private individuals who require a safe space or merely to increase the capacity of their own wardrobes.

Open Care's staff is available to clients for the necessary support, from the setting up of the space to in/out movements.

For requirements relating to individual items and limited numbers, where a personal use room is not required, it is possible to deposit items and accessories with specific tariffs based on the type and bulk of the items or objects deposited.


The service can be completed with:

  • • collection and delivery on a national and international basis with insurance cover
  • • conservation and maintenance consultancy carried out by the highly qualified staff of the Open Care Textile Laboratory
  • • assistance in inventorizing and implementing digital archives
  • • financial valuations of historic single items or accessories and of entire archives
  • • planning and assistance in the organization of philanthropic (charity auctions or general donations) or commercial events


tel. 02 73981