Valuations, inventories, authentications and archiving


Open Care provides a financial valuation or estimate of the value of the art work and other precious assets on the basis of the “market value” or “fair value” that corresponds to the sum expected to be achieved in the case of the sale of the work in the immediate future. Estimates are based on real and up to date values and are made through a comparative analysis of the outcomes of awards made by the major national and international Auction Houses, as well as the data on private sales of objects that are similar with regard to authorship, period and environment of execution. The estimate can relate to a single work or whole collections.

The Art Consulting department will draw up a catalogue report and provide for the scientific cataloguing of individual art works or collections.

Open Care provides valuations for the purposes of company, public and private organisations’ balance sheets, with the aim of quantifying the financial value of the collection as a patrimonial asset, as required by the regulations.

In the case of shipping, loans or the drawing up of other insurance policies, Open Care also provides a definition of the insurance value of the objects as “declared value” or “accepted estimate”. The estimation activities of the Art Consulting department are recognised as values of “accepted estimate” by the most important insurance companies at an international level.


In collaboration with an international network of operators and experts in the various artistic periods and sectors, Open Care permits their clients to perfect the documentation necessary for the attribution and authentication of their works or the verification of those they may wish to acquire.

For  older works of art, an expertise document is drawn up by the expert in question who provides an authoritative opinion with regard to the signature or attribution, the consequent historic-artistic relevance and the quality of the work.

For modern or contemporary art works, the client is supported in the archiving process. Open Care follows the relationship with the artist’s archive or foundation and, thanks to its competency and experience, advises the clients and assists them in the identification of elements useful for a positive outcome to the process.

The diagnostic laboratory of the Conservation and Restoration Department permits the preparation of all the analyses useful for the purposes of the attribution and authentication of the work.


The Art Consulting department offers consultancy for the valorisation and management of archival collections and artist archives. It manages the inventorying of collections and archival collections, producing complete technical reports of the objects’ identifying data; provides photographic reproductions and a historic-artistic analysis of the works. This activity can be preliminary to a subsequent valuation or made for the valorisation of archival collections and collections for cultural or information purposes. It will prepare events and initiatives, in partnership with teaching organisations and artist archives.