Open Care Art Advisory


Founded in 2019 from the integration of the specialized company Vasaris and the Open Care Art Consulting department, Open Care Art Advisory offers independent and accredited consultancy for the management and valorisation of the artistic and collectible heritage. According to international standards (RICS), the company's experts evaluate works of art, antiques and collectors' goods for insurance, patrimonial (division, succession) and financial statement purposes. They ensure the due diligence of the works, by verifying the dates, origins, attributions and authentications; and prepare scientific inventories and cataloging of the assets of the most diverse collection categories. They offer independent and qualified assistance for sale and purchase through auction or private negotiation in Italy and abroad. They develop projects to valorise collections and archives in collaboration with public and private institutions.


Open Care Art Advisory handles:
Assistance in the acquisition and sale of artworks
Art advisory
Valuation for insurance purposes, patrimonial assets, inheritance, balance sheets
Authentication request procedures and inclusion in official archives
Archiving, cataloguing and inventory management solutions
Valorisation of public and private collections