Jewish and the city

During the International Festival of Jewish Culture in Milan, in October 2013, Open Care hosted the intervention by Arturo Schwarz, Perché un ateo dall’età di 15 anni osserva lo Shabbat” [Why does an atheist from the age of 15 still observe the Sabbath” ] .  Collector, essayist and an art historian,  Arturo Schwarz shared with the public his vision ofthe Jewish Sabbath, from the singular perspective of a lay intellectual and a generous supporter of the most radical and anti-conformist artistic avant-garde. For some years, Open Care has collaborated with a number of Jewish Communities in the conservation of their patrimony of artistic assets. During the Festival, Open Care’s fabrics’ laboratory restored, pro bono, a Parochet and Map of the central Synagogue in Via Guastalla. The paraments were worn out by their normal use during religious festivities. Furthermore, they had been visibly damaged by an infiltration of water that had created dark streaks and stains on the fabric’s surface.