Le Giornate degli Archivi d'Artista – [Artist Archives Days]

The Giornate degli Archivi d’Artista, promoted by Open Care and the Filippo de Pisis Association were study seminars dedicated to the Archives of twentieth century Italian artists.

The initiative, which in its first two editions was supported by the Fondazione Piero Manzoni and the Centro Studi Giorgio Morandi, was created with the aim of valorising the work of the Archives and activating a comparative study platform, during periodic meetings, of subjects of common interest such as the creation of a reasoned catalogue, the problem of fakes, the various archiving procedures and authentication.

The debate, following the first two encounters, generated the creation of the Associazione Nazionale degli Archivi d’Artista [National Association of Artists’ Archives], formed in December 2014 and to which numerous Italian archives adhered.

First day – 3 June 2013

The first appointment, in which more than thirty Archives participated, saw the contribution of Rosalia Pasqualino di Marineo, curator of the Fondazione  Piero Manzoni,  Marilena Pasquali  of the Centro Studi Giorgio Morandi, Maddalena Tibertelli de Pisis and Elisa Camesasca of the Associazione per Filippo de Pisis, Alessandra Donati, lecturer in Comparative law at the Università Milano Bicocca and Alessandro Castellano, lawyer in the Legal offices Tavormina Balbis. 

The interventions were introduced by Filippo Tibertelli de Pisis, President of the Associazione per Filippo de Pisis and Elisabetta Galasso, Open Care’s CEO.  The panel of speakers was chaired by Antonella Crippa, Open Care’s art advisor and Paolo Campiglio of the Comitato Scientifico Associazione per Filippo de Pisis.

Second day – 26 May 2014

Forty archives of painters and sculptors amongst the more representative of twentieth century Italian art participated in the second appointment.

Those participating were, amongst others: Paola Pettenella, archive manager of Mart, Simona Caraceni, vice-president of ICOM’s International Committee for Audiovisual and new technologies of images and sound, the jurist Alessandra Donati, lecturer in Comparative Law at the Università Milano Bicocca, Isabella Villafranca Soissons, director of Open Care’s Conservation and Restoration department,  Marco Scotini for the Archivio Gianni Colombo, Silvia Fabro for the Archivio Luciano and Carla Fabro and Bitta Leonetti for the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro.

The meetings were chaired by:  Antonella Crippa, Open Care’s art advisor and Marilena Pasquali, Centro Studi Giorgio Morandi.